Florie - (France)

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Florie is a brand of Les Vignerons du Roy René. This winery, founded in 1922, was named after one of the most beloved kings of France. King René lived close to the common people and was known as a generous and good man who like to share his time with the average man, participated in parties and tournaments and thus when one of the few kings conquered a place in the heart of the Provencal people. The winery uses the strictest standards of the region and all vineyards must obtain a certificate from the Chamber of Agriculture that guarantees respectful and environmentally friendly viticulture (culture raisonnée). For example, they often apply stricter standards than many individual winegrowers, and several of their wines are voted the best in the region year after year. The vineyards are also subdivided according to location, soil and quality and thus guarantee that a maximum level per wine can also be achieved in the bottle and that each bottle can be traced up to the vineyard. They also link a more than fair price to their different wines which absolutely cannot be said of some so-called "big" names in Provence and some film stars settled there.

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